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This portfolio includes Renee Sansom Flood's biography and several of her 15 authored/edited books, including awards and reviews.

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Renee S. Flood is the founder and senior editor of Writing Sources. Before becoming a freelance writer, Renee's prior lives included many years as a high school teacher, social worker and journalist.

Samples of prior projects:

"Flood is a first-rate scholar with extraordinary research skills."

- Tulsa World

  • Editing and copyediting books and articles, specializing in works of nonfiction/historical fiction and biographies.
  • Ghostwriting books, family and company histories.
  • Editing and co-writing books for children.
  • Copywriting for non-profit and for-profit organizations.

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  • South Dakota Hall of Fame Writer of the Year, 1996
  • Governor's Award For History, 1996
  • Karl Mundt Distinguished Writing Award, 1982

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Authored/Edited Books

Authored Books
Renegade Priest of the Northern Cheyenne
see larger image
Renegade Priest of the Northern Cheyenne:
The Life and Work of Father Emmett Hoffmann; 1926 -

Fenske Media Corporation, 2003

See more details, including order information.

Lost Bird at Wounded Knee
see larger image
Lost Bird of Wounded Knee: Spirit of the Lakota
Scribner (1995)
Da Capo Press paperback edition (1998).
Cover design by Florence Neal.
Available from

"Flood should be recognized as a scholar of the first rank. I hope everyone reads and learns from this sad, but important story that humanizes the Wounded Knee Massacre and the people who were its victims."

- Dr. Vine Deloria, Jr.

Emmy statue
see larger image

South Dakota Public Television won an Emmy in 2001 for its PBS Documentary based on Flood's book Lost Bird of Wounded Knee. Bob Bosse - Producer.

The Badlands Fox
see larger image
The Badlands Fox
by Margaret Lemley Warren with Renee Sansom Flood
Fenske Media Corporation, 1991
Lessons from Chouteau Creek
see larger image
Lessons from Chouteau Creek: Yankton Memories of Dakota Territorial Intrigue
Center for Western Studies, Augustana College, 1986
Edited Books
A Legend from Crazy Horse Clan
see larger image
A Legend from Crazy Horse Clan
by Moses N. Big Crow, Daniel Long Soldier (Illustrator),
Renee Sansom Flood (Editor)
Tipi Press, 1987
for young adults
Available from
Under Fire, The West is Burning
see larger image
Under Fire, The West is Burning
Renee Sansom Flood (Editor)
Fenske Media Corporation, 2001

"Renee's careful editing helped create this classic book."

- Tom Fenske/Fenske Media Corporation

The Ortho Evolution
see larger image
The Ortho Evolution, The Science and Principles Behind Fixed/Functional/Splint Orthodontics
by Michael C. Alpern, D.D.S., M.S.
GAC International, Inc., 2003

"Renee Flood is a top technical copyeditor."

- Tom Fenske/Fenske Media Corporation

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The following are just a few of the articles written by Renee Sansom Flood.

  • After the Bighorn...the Rest of the Story
    (Clarence "Bisco" Spotted Wolf Meets Ken Custer)

  • Spotted Wolf, A Legacy of Trust

  • Remembering My Mother, Eleanor Starving Bear Bigfoot
    (Written from interviews.)

  • They Ignored Me! Northern Cheyenne Women, 1884-1930

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